Class of Spectra 2016: Amrita Dasgupta


What does graduation mean to you?

Graduating signifies the beginning next chapter of my life. It is also a symbolic ending to the last four years of my life.

What is the trajectory you see for yourself?

I will be starting at Deloitte in Singapore in September and hope to pursue an MBA in a couple of years.

What impact has university had on you?

The past four years at university has helped me develop and mature as an individual. Furthermore, it has allowed me to develop life skills to deal with challenging situations whether it be working in a team to achieve a common goal or completing assignments before deadlines.

Which are your most potent memories of university?

My most potent memories range from handing in my 8000 word thesis to organising a ball with a team of fellow students. Perhaps the common theme running through all of them is the fact that I achieved something significant, in my perspective and each of those achievements has allowed me to develop valuable skills.

What gives you impetus?

I am motivated by challenging situations which require dedication and handwork.


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