Class of Spectra 2016: Gayatri Gogoi


What does graduation mean to you?

Graduation is the culmination of four years of laughter, hard work, fun and stress. It’s an ending but a largely happy one.

What is the trajectory you see for yourself?

I want to move on from university to bigger and better things. Hopefully from here the only way is up. I’ll be training to become a lawyer, but I want to be so much more than that.

What impact has university had on you?

University has made me a better version of me. I’ve loved my degree, and enjoyed the academic challenge it’s given me. I’ve learned so much about feminism, activism, the need to inspire change. Most importantly, I’ve met people, tutors, peers, whose friendship I cherish and who have made my university experience so wonderful.

Which are your most potent memories of university?

I’ll always remember sitting on the lawns with a glass of Pimms in the sunshine with a group of my friends as one of my happiest memories. My brain has thankfully fuzzed out all the stressful exam memories. There have also been many formal halls, dinners or balls which have been amazing.

What gives you impetus?

I’m rather laid back and relaxed so impetus may be the wrong word to describe my drive. I have a desire to succeed to make my family, parents and most importantly myself proud.


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