Class of Spectra 2016: Sabreen Ahsan


What does graduation mean to you?

It’s the culmination of many years of hard work, stressful times – and happy ones!

What is the trajectory you see for yourself?

I’m about to begin my first job at an educational charity, which is exactly the kind of work I always saw myself doing. After that, I’m hoping that whatever I end up doing, I’m able to find ways to combine work that I love, with ways to address issues in our society affecting women and People of Colour.

What impact has university had on you?

University has brought me into contact with so many amazing people, from so many different backgrounds. I’ve learned as much from them (maybe more) than I have from my books and tutors, and the entire experience has helped me to really examine my own beliefs, views, and sense of identity.

Which are your most potent memories of university?

I have distinct memories of events, but the most potent memories I carry are those of feelings: the satisfaction of having an amazing conversation with people you instantly click with, the panic-defeat-victory rollercoaster over each essay crisis, the “ah” moment walking past a beautiful Oxford site and realising how special this place is.

Knowing that what I am doing is important – whether it’s because of the nature of what I’m doing, or because it shows others after me, particularly girls of colour (shoutout to my niece!) that they can achieve as much as they want to, although it won’t be easy, and that there are people who will help them and support them in their endeavours.


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