Class of Spectra 2016: Tash Miah

What does graduation mean to you?

Achieving my lifelong dream of studying at Oxford, and overcoming all the hurdles that doing a degree here entails.

What is the trajectory you see for yourself?

Onwards and upwards, hopefully!

What impact has university had on you?

It has galvanised my views and strengthened me in my convictions that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to.

Which are your most potent memories of university?

Doing all-nighters to finish essays and months of misery doing my dissertation and extended essay! But these are balanced out by the many beautiful moments I’ve had bonding with others, making new friends, and appreciating the beauty of Oxford as a city.

What gives you impetus?

Faith, friends and family are my bedrock of support and reflect the morals and values I live by on a daily basis.



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