Spectra Meets: Jamilla Ekedi-Tanenang


NAME: Jamilla Adeline Ekedi-Tanenang

EDUCATION: Politics And International Studies BA Hons, University of Warwick

JOB TITLE: Management Consultant in Banking and Wealth & Asset Management

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Spectra Meets: Tanda Kabanda


NAME: Tanda Kabanda


BSc Computer Science and Multimedia (Queen Mary’s University Of London)

MSc Computer Science and Internet Systems (King’s College London)

JOB TITLE: Associate Software Engineer,  ASOS

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Spectra Meets: Ricarda Pietschmann

NAME: Ricarda Pietschmann

EDUCATION: Bachelor in Hospitality Management at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

JOB TITLE: Accor’s School of Excellence Management Training (focus on Rooms Division)

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